Antonia Savarese

GPN_lab photoPhD Candidate

Lasek Lab, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine

Office: 429 SPH/PI

Lab:  375 SPH/PI

Phone: (312) 413-1366



Research Interests:

I am interested in the molecular and genetic factors that contribute to alcohol use disorders; specifically, I study how alterations in gene expression in the brain contribute to drug abuse. My dissertation project focuses on the mechanisms by which a highly conserved transcriptional regulator, LMO3, modifies behavioral responses to ethanol.



Savarese, A., Zou, M.E., Kharazia, V., Maiya, R., & Lasek, A.W. Increased behavioral responses to ethanol in Lmo3 knockout mice. Genes Brain Behav., 13 (2014) 777-783.

Maki, P.M., Rubin, L.H., Mordecai, K.L., Sundermann, E., Savarese, A., Eatough, E., & Drogos, L.L. Menstrual cycle effects on cortisol responsivity and emotional retrieval following a psychosocial stressor. Hormones Behav., 74 (2015) 201-208.

Maki, P.M., Rubin, L.H., Savarese, A., Drogos, L., Shulman, L.P., Banuvar, S., & Walega, D.R. Stellate ganglion blockade and verbal memory in midlife women: Evidence from a randomized trial. Maturitas  (in press, 2016).

Mordecai, K.L., Rubin, L.H., Eatough, E., Sundermann, E., Drogos, L., Savarese, A., & Maki, P.M. Cortisol reactivity and emotional memory after psychosocial stress in oral contraceptive users. J. Neurosci. Res. (in press, 2016)