Zaije Wang

WangPhD, University of California, San Francisco

Professor, Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy

Office: 3220 MBRB

Lab: 3314 MBRB

Phone: (312) 355-1429


Web Site: Zaije (Jim) Wang Laboratory Page


Research Interests:

Our research is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of chronic pain and drug addiction. We apply the power of neurobiology, pharmacology, molecular and cell biology, and pharmacogenetics in our studies.


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He, Y. & Wang, Z.J. Nociceptor beta II, delta, and epsilon isoforms of PKC differentially mediate paclitaxel-induced spontaneous and evoked pain. J. Neurosci., 35 (2015) 4614-4625.

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He, Y., Yang, C., Kirkmire, C.M., & Wang, Z.J. Regulation of opioid tolerance by let-7 family microRNA targeting the μ opioid receptor. J. Neurosci., 30 (2010) 10251-10258.