Subhash Pandey

PhD, Central Drug Research Institute (India)

Professor, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine

Director, Center for Alcohol Research in Epigenetics, Department of Psychiatry

Office:  402 SPH/PI

Lab:  238 SPH/PI

Phone: (312) 413-1310


Web Site: Subhash Pandey Departmental Page


Research Interests:

The goal of Dr. Subhash Pandey’s research program is to better understand the molecular and epigenetic mechanisms of alcohol addiction and comorbid psychiatric disorders such as anxiety. Using various models, we aim to identify the molecular pathways in specific brain circuits that are altered by acute and long-term exposure to alcohol during both adolescence and adulthood and mediate addiction and alcohol-related behavioral phenotypes.



Kyzar EJ, Floreani C, Teppen TL, Pandey SC (2016) Adolescent alcohol exposure: Burden of epigenetic reprogramming, synaptic remodeling, and adult psychopathology. Frontiers Neuroscience 10:222.

Teppen T, Krishnan H, Zhang H, Sakharkar AJ, Pandey SC (2016) The Potential role of amygdaloid microRNA-494 in alcohol-induced anxiolysis. Biological Psychiatry 80(9): 711-719.

Pandey SC, Sakharkar AJ, Tang L, Zhang H (2015) Potential role of the adolescent alcohol exposure-induced amygdaloid histone modifications in anxiety and alcohol intake at adulthood. Neurobiology of Disease 82:607-619.

Moonat S, Sakharkar AJ, Zhang H, Tang L, Pandey SC (2013) Aberrant histone deacetylase2-mediated histone modifications and synaptic plasticity in the amygdala predisposes to anxiety and alcoholism. Biological Psychiatry 73:763-773.