Scott Shippy

PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences





Web Site: Scott Shippy Laboratory Page


Research Interests:

Research in the Shippy Group is focused on the creation of new tools and methods to follow extracellular signaling in the neurosciences. The chemical messengers that are released or transported from cells has a direct impact on the interstitial fluid that bathes and then impacts the tissues in the nervous system. Measurement of this chemical composition is constrained by both available volumes and measurement rates. New sampling methods, low-volume sample handling and measurement technologies are developed with the overall goal of characterizing patterns of intercellular signaling. Current projects utilize miniaturized low-flow push-pull perfusion to characterize extracellular fluid composition at relevant times scales in tissue slices, in isolated and in vivo retina. Additionally there are projects exploring the available neurochemical information from systems that yield volume limited samples such as the tear film and hemolymph from individual drosophila.