Scott Langenecker

PhD, Marquette UniversitySAL_doctor

Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine

Office: Room 579

Lab: Room 345

Phone: (312) 996-0085


Web Site: UIC Cognitive Neuroscience Center


Research Interests:

Mechanisms of depression and mood disorders, predictors of treatment response, changes with treatment, predictors of relapse, neuroimaging and neuropsychological markers, intermediate phenotypes, L-HPA axis function and dysfunction.



Jenkins, L.M., Barba, A., Campbell, M., Lamar, M., Leow, A., Shankman, S., Ajilore, O. and Langenecker, S. (In Press). Shared white matter across emotional disorders: A voxel-based meta-analysis of fractional anisotropy. NeuroImage: Clinical.
Featured in Science Daily.
Brain disruptions similar across many emotional disorders

Crane, N.A., Jenkins, L.M., Bhaumik, R., Dion, C., Gowins, J.R., Mickey, B.J., Zubieta, J.K., & Langenecker, S.A. (in press). Multidimensional Prediction of Treatment Response to Antidepressants with Cognitive Control and fMRI. Brain

Marshall, D.F., Passarotti, A.M., Ryan, K.A., Kamali, M., Saunders, E.F., Pester, B., McInnis, M.G., & Langenecker, S.A. (2016). Deficient inhibitory control as an outcome of childhood trauma, Psychiatry Research, 235, 7-12.
Hsu, D.T., Sanford, B.J., Meyers, K.K., Love, T.M., Hazlett, K.E., Walker, S.J., Mickey, B.J., Koeppe, R.A., Langenecker, S.A., Zubieta, J-K. 2015. It still hurts: altered opioid activity in the brain during social rejection and acceptance in major depressive disorder. Molecular Psychiatry. 20, 193-200.
Featured on Huffington Post, as posted on Shake it off? Not so easy for people with depression, new brain suggestsShake it off? Not so easy for people with depression, new brain suggest

Ryan, K.A, Dawson, E.L., Kassel, M.T., Weldon, A.L., Marshall, D.F., Meyers, K.K., Gabriel, L.B., Vederman, A.C., Weisenbach, S.L., McInnis, M.G., Zubieta, J-K, Langenecker, S.A. 2015. Shared dimensions of performance and activation dysfunction in cognitive control in females with mood disorders. Brain. 138, 1424-1434.
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