Pauline Maki

DG14_01_13_055.jpgPhD, University of Minnesota

Professor, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine

Professor, Department of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Director, Women’s Mental Health Research Program

Senior Director of Research, Center for Research on Women and Gender

Office: 328 NPI (Psychiatry); 1022B BSB (Psychology)


Phone: (312) 996-6941


Web Site: Women’s Mental Health Research Program Page


Research Interests:

A central focus of my research has been on sex-specific factors that influence cognition, brain function, and mood in women. These factors include sex steroid hormones, menopausal transition and hot flashes, and hormone therapy. Recent areas of research include: (1) the influence of trauma, stress, menopause, and substance dependence on neurocognitive and neuroimaging outcomes in HIV-infected women; (2) the efficacy and mechanism of action of interventions such as hormone therapy, soy, and alternative treatments (e.g., stellate ganglion blockade and mobile health apps) as a means of maintaining memory performance and mood during the menopausal transition and reducing hot flashes; (3) establishing an enduring database linking perinatal depression and anxiety diagnoses, medical records, and a biorepository of blood samples from routine perinatal clinic visits in an effort to advance understanding of the determinants of perinatal mood disorders in minority women.



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Maki, P.M., Rubin, L.H., Valcour, V., et al. Cognitive function in women with HIV: findings from the Women’s Interagency HIV Study. Neurology, 84 (2015) 231-240.

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