Neil Smalheiser

MD, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine

Office: 525 SPH/PI


Phone: (312) 413-4581


Web Site: Arrowsmith Project Home Page


Research Interests:

My lab uses statistical modeling, text mining and machine learning to develop basic models and practical web-based tools that assist diverse communities of scientific investigators. Our PubMed query interfaces allow biomedical investigators to analyze the literature in advanced ways that facilitate new discoveries. Our suite of tools related to evidence based medicine are used by MEDLINE indexers and accelerate writing of systematic reviews. We also study ways of improving the reliability of information contained in clinical case reports, and prepare curricula to teach graduate students how to make their experiments more robust and reproducible. Finally, we continue to collaborate on studies of small RNAs in brain and look ahead to creating new research projects on biological computing that blend neuroscience with computer science.