Jeffrey Loeb

Jeffrey Loeb


John S. Garvin Chair, Professor & Head

Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation

Office: 657 NPI

Phone: (312) 996-157

Website: Jeffrey Loeb’s website

Research Interests:

We take forward and ‘reverse’ translational approaches to understand and develop novel treatments for neurological disorders. Forward translation comes from long-standing work on the gliotrophic factor neuregulin, includig how it is targeted, and the development of therapeutics to block it. With Dr. Fei Song we work on animal disease models of ALS, MS, and Alzheimer’s. Our reverse translational work has led to the development of a University-wide resource of rapidly acquired human tissues that are precisely linked to in vivo physiology, imaging, histology, genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics called the University of Illinois NeuroRepository with newly renovated interactive space on the 6th floor of the Neuropsychiatric institute. Our emphasis has been on human neocortical epilepsy, but is now expanded to ALS and brain tumors. The work in epilepsy has led to a new animal model and novel small molecule therapeutics to prevent epilepsy.


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