Edwin Cook, Jr


Professor, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine

Director, Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience, Institute for Juvenile Research

Office: 4070 MBRB

Lab:  4364 MBRB

Phone: 312-996-1113

email: ecook@psych.uic.edu

Web Site: Edwin Cook Laboratory Page


Research Interests:

We develop new pharmacological treatments for autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  Our primary focus is to identify target proteins through molecular genetic methods.  We also have an interest in the mechanism of the long-standing robust finding of increased platelet serotonin in autism.  Our collaborative genetic work has identified many genes that contribute strongly to the etiology of ASD.  We also test medications developed for other indications for treatment of symptoms such as insistence on sameness in ASD.  Our group collaborates with the Ragozzino laboratory in the Department of Psychology on translational pharmacology studies in which a translational mouse model is used to test drugs for utility in ASD (e.g. 5HT2A antagonists).