Alexander Aruin

PhD, Institute of Traumatology & Orthopedics (Latvia)Aruin

Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, College of Applied Health Sciences

Office: 427 AHSB

Lab: 406 AHSB

Phone: (312) 355-0904


Web Site: Alexander Aruin Laboratory Page


Research Interests:

Dr. Aruin conducts research related to motor disorders and rehabilitation, biomechanics, and motor control. The studies involve individuals with stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and the elderly. Examples of the projects include the investigation of the feedforward and feedback components of postural control in health and disease, the role of sensory cues in control of grip force in individuals with neurological impairment, evaluation of the effectiveness of a new compelled body weight shift therapy in individuals with stroke, the role of auxiliary sensory cues on balance in individuals with peripheral neuropathy, and the evaluation of new balance rehabilitation for patients with acute stroke. He also is developing new technologies for training healthy people and for providing rehabilitation to injured and disabled individuals.



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