Neuroscience Faculty


Faculty members of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience (GPN) are listed in the table below with their Home Departments, Colleges, and Specialization. Members who have been or are currently interested in being Rotation or Thesis Advisors are shown in bold type. Others play significant teaching roles or are available to serve on student advisory committees. Students should consult the Director of Graduate Studies to determine faculty members currently seeking graduate student trainees.

Click on the faculty member’s name to see a short description of his/her research interests, publications, contact information, and links to personal/laboratory/departmental web sites (in progress).

Track refers to research specializations in Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience (Cell), Systems Neuroscience (System), or Human & Therapeutic Neuroscience (Human).

Faculty Member Home Department College Track
Abrams, Charles Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine Human
Ajilore, Olusola Psychiatry Medicine Human
Alfonso, Aixa Biological Sciences LAS Cell
Alford, Simon Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine System
Art, Jonathan Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine Cell
Aruin, Alexander Physical Therapy AHS Human
Bell, Aleeca Women, Children, & Family Health Science Nursing System
Berniker, Max Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Engineering System
Bongarzone, Ernesto Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine Cell
Brady, Scott Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine Cell
Brodie, Mark Physiology & Biophysics Medicine System
Calik, Michael Biobehavioral Health Science Nursing System
Carley, David Biobehavioral Health Science Nursing System
Carrithers, Michael Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine Human
Chang, Chieh Biological Sciences LAS Cell
Chauhan, Neelima Pediatrics Medicine Human
Childs, Emma Psychiatry Medicine System
Chuang, Chiou-Fen Biological Sciences LAS Cell
Chung, Seung Oral Biology Dentistry Cell
Cologna, Stephanie Chemistry LAS Cell
Cook, Edwin Psychiatry Medicine Cell
Dong, Erbo Psychiatry Medicine Cell
Eddington, David Bioengineering ENG/MED Cell
Feinstein, Doug Anesthesiology Medicine Cell
Gavin, David Psychiatry Medicine Human
Glover, Elizabeth Psychiatry Medicine System
Gong, Liang-Wei Biological Sciences LAS Cell
Grayson, Dennis Psychiatry Medicine Cell
Guidotti, Alessandro Psychiatry Medicine Cell
Hasan, Ziaul Kinesiology & Nutrition AHS Human
Herbener, Ellen Psychology/Psychiatry LAS/MED Human
Hetling, John BioEngineering ENG/MED Human
Janson, Christopher Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine Human
Jeffery, Constance Biological Sciences LAS Cell
LaDu, Mary Jo Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine Cell
Larson, John Psychiatry Medicine System
Lasek, Amy Psychiatry Medicine Cell
Lasley, Stephen Cancer Medicine Cell
Laurito, Charles Anesthesiology Medicine Human
Lazarov, Orly Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine Cell
Leow, Alex Psychiatry/Bioengineering COM/ENG Human
Loeb, Jeffrey Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine Human
Lutz, Sarah Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine Cell
Lysakowski, Anna Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine System
Madhavan, Sangeetha Physical Therapy AHS Human
Magin, Richard Bioengineering ENG/MED System
Maki, Pauline Psychiatry/Psychology MED/LAS System
Malchow, R. Paul Biological Sciences LAS Cell
McAnany, Jason Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Medicine Human
Minshall, Richard Pharmacology Medicine Cell
Morfini, Gerardo Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine Cell
Morgan Short, Kara Hispanic & Italian Studies LAS
O’Neill, William Bioengineering ENG/MED
Pandey, Ghanshyam Psychiatry Medicine Cell
Pandey, Subhash Psychiatry Medicine Cell
Park, Thomas Biological Sciences LAS System
Patton, James Bioengineering ENG/MED System
Phan, K. Luan Psychiatry Medicine Human
Pliskin, Neil Psychiatry Medicine Human
Pradhan, Amynah Psychiatry Medicine Cell
Ragozzino, Michael Psychology LAS System
Rasenick, Mark Physiology & Biophysics Medicine Cell
Reilly, Stephen Psychology LAS System
Richmond, Janet Biological Sciences LAS Cell
Roitman, Jamie Psychology LAS System
Roitman, Mitchell Psychology LAS System
Romanova, Liudmila Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine Cell
Rosen, Cherise Psychiatry/Public Health MED/SPH Human
Rosenblatt, Mark Ophthalmology & Visual Science Medicine Human
Schonfeld, Dan Electrical & Computer Engineering Engineering
Shahidi, Mahnaz Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Medicine Human
Sharma, Kamal Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine Cell
Sharma, Rajiv Psychiatry Medicine Human
Shippy, Scott Chemistry LAS Cell
Slavin, Konstantin Neurology Medicine Human
Smalheiser, Neil Psychiatry Medicine Cell
Song, Fei Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine Human
Stratford, Thomas Psychology LAS System
Tai, Leon Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine Cell
Testai, Fernando Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine Human
Thatcher, Gregory Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy Pharmacy Cell
Thulborn, Keith Radiology Medicine Human
Tseng, Kuei Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine System
Valyi-Nagy, Tibor Pathology Medicine Human
Wang, Zaije (Jim) Biopharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacy Cell
Weinberg, Guy Anesthesiology Medicine Human
Wheeler, Peggy Anesthesiology Medicine
Wirtshafter, R. David Psychology LAS System
Wolf, William Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine
Yoshii, Akira Anatomy & Cell Biology Medicine Cell



College abbreviations: Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS), Applied Health Sciences (AHS), Engineering (ENG), and Medicine (MED). Note that the Department of Bioengineering is shared by the Colleges of Medicine and Engineering. Some faculty members have split appointments.